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About Us

Hello Yello is a volunteer-driven team on a mission to spark a city-wide movement of authentic, human interaction and spontaneous conversations.

We’ll prove the concept in Vancouver—a city with a reputation for being cliquish —and effectively shift the mindset of people from being closed off and isolated to open, friendly, and connected. Our ultimate goal is to help people see the opportunities for connection that are all around us.

Meet the Team

We are a volunteer-based team making Hello Yello a reality



Kelly Rose Lamb

Kelly Lamb lives in Vancouver and loves this city. As Director of Hello Yello, she brings this love of, as well as her background as, an industry leader in building strong, high performance teams. A passionate advocate committed to empowering women to lead, grow and evolve, she recently launched a new podcast called Bold translating this passion into vibrant conversations online. Kelly comes alive when she gets to build things, connections, communities, companies, teams, non-profits, ideas, concepts, and projects.


Marketing Manager 

Emma Rendell

Emma Rendell joins the Hello Yello team as Marketing Manager after a decade of calling other spaces home. After a six year stint in London, England followed by a sojourn in Vancouver Island, Emma landed back in Vancouver in January 2023. She is a classically trained actor working primarily in theatre, and brings her passion for storytelling and communication to her work in digital marketing and public speaking coaching.


Volunteer Program Manager

Lauren Bechard

As a Volunteer Program Manager, Lauren is passionate about activating the people of Vancouver to create more connected, caring communities. Lauren was inspired to join Hello Yello after the Brand Battle for Good in 2022, and uses her spicy blend of project management and evaluation, grassroots volunteer development, and community-building skills to bring the Hello Yello volunteer vision to life. If you spot Lauren in the wild playing beach volleyball, tearing it up on the dance floor, or reading in a coffee shop around Vancouver, come say hi!


Finance & Operations

Sarah William

As our fearless Head of Finance & Operations, Sarah William is driven by a love for numbers and people. Studying towards her CPA, she brings over 10 years of experience in the Financial sector. Sarah has a passion to equip people with financial literacy. In her spare time, she can be found reading, listening to classical music with a glass of wine, traveling and exploring thrift shops.


Storyteller & Marketing Guru

Joshua Harris

Serving as Chief Storyteller and Assistant to the Director, Joshua Harris best known as the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye—the book wrote at age 21 that he has now unpublished and apologized for. Today, we draw from his background as an author, a TEDx speaker, and a documentary filmmaker Josh founded the creative agency, Clear & Loud, which produces brand strategies, marketing content, and websites for businesses. He’s currently the CMO of 5th World, a startup dedicated to healing the world’s soil through regenerative land management.


Volunteer Coordinator 

Talya Wollner

Serving as our Volunteer Coordinator Talya Wollner is a passionate fitness instructor and aspiring therapist. As a former soccer player with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, she is fascinated by the complexity of human behaviour and social connection translating this into a love of working in group environments and learning from others. In her free time you can find her road biking, hiking, trying out a new restaurant or listening to a podcast (most likely true crime).


Events Team

Elizabeth Murti

Serving as an integral part of our events team Elizabeth Murti grew up in the Vancouver suburbs, but spent the past 10 years traveling the country extensively. With a background in Communications, Elizabeth brings a wealth of events experience along with a commitment to intentional dialogue and life-long learning to every experience she designs. In her spare time, Elizabeth loves to read (especially non-fiction and memoirs), explore local trails, and is currently navigating the small business world as a candle maker.


Copy Writer

Hannah Marazzi

Hannah Marazzi joined the Hello Yello team shortly after moving home to Vancouver via Ottawa and London England. After a decade of working in the public policy field, Hannah currently serves as the Special Advisor to Canada’s first Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism. In her spare time Hannah is a dinner party enthusiast, avid reader, and a recreational runner.

Our Story

Hello Yello, took shape at a creative hackathon put on by the Vancouver-based organization, Brands for Better.

Our team arrived at the hackathon feeling as though we were at a disadvantage. We were a rag-tag group of hopeful creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators who had banded together from diverse organizations, many of us meeting at the hackathon itself for the very first time. We swallowed hard as we saw fancy pitch decks and splashy ideas for high tech apps.

The whole experience felt like being that kid at the science fair whose styrofoam and popsicle stick model of the universe is falling apart in the lineup of sleek models and beautifully designed posters.

But then something magical happened: we collaborated. We listened to each other. We heard each other’s stories, drew on our respective strengths. We innovated.

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